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Concetti S.p.A. and CBC S.r.l. have modern Technical Departments, equipped with the most advanced calculation and design instruments.

The Companies constituting the Concetti Group can rely on highly qualified and accomplished staff, listing specialists on each application field (mechanic, pneumatic, electric, electronic etc).

Concetti Group offers a wide range of services to its esteemed Clients: budget quotations, complete and detailed high-level design of turn-key packaging installations.

The Concetti Group's product offering includes

  1. Weighing Systems
  2. Form-Fill-Seal Baggers from Tubular Reel
  3. Open-Mouth Bagging Machines
  4. Big-bag filling systems
  5. Palletising systems
  6. Depalletiser
  7. End of Line Machines
  8. Accessories Packaging Plants
  9. Second Hand Packaging Lines



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 Wuxi City,Sunlight Drying Equipment Co. Ltd. is located in the birthplace of China spray drying - Wuxi Huishan Qianzhou.

Founded in the early 1980s, it is one of the earliest professional production of spray drying equipment factory. Twenty years, the introduction and assimilation of advanced technology, production and development of a variety of spray drying equipment.   

Over the years the company has consistently adhered to science and technology as a precursor to universities and scientific research units as the basis, self-accumulation, and gradually developed, became a construction industry, academia, research integration of scientific and technological progress of enterprises. According to the material characteristics and plant requirements, customized.   

Our best-selling products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Iran, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries, praised by customers. The company won many national honors, products won several national-level new product certification and obtain many patents. In the drying industry, Sun brand has become a symbol of excellent products.

Our Product range includes

  • On PLG exhaust multistage fluidized spray granulation dryer
  • GZ series of high-speed centrifugal Spray Dryer
  • Horizontal Spray Dryer
  • DZ series pressure spray granulation dryer
  • BGZ series of closed cycle Spray Dryer
  • GZ-L series medicine extract spray dryer
  • GZ-S series centrifugal spray granulation dryer
  • PZ-current spray granulation (made powder) Dryer
  • QL series vertical grinding air dryer
  • ZLG Series vibration fluidized bed dryer
  • XSG series rotary flash dryer
  • ZRL series direct fuel (gas) stove
  • JRL series of indirect fuel (gas) stove
  • GLQ series high-speed centrifugal atomizer
  • Bag dust removal equipment
  • Scraper sterilization machine



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For more than 30 years, NRI has focused its strategic research initiatives on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of state-of-the-art pipe repair solutions that withstand the tests of time, water, and other elements. The company’s Syntho-Glass® system has proven to be reliable enough for the U.S. Navy, the Coast Guard, and international natural gas and oil industry conglomerates to require Syntho-Glass® availability for all pipe repairs.

Founded in 1982, NRI developed its pipe repair systems for application within the marine industry. As the original inventors of the moisture-cured, pre-impregnated composite material, NRI caught the attention of the U.S. Navy and, in 1996, secured its first contract with the U.S. government requiring NRI’s Syntho-Glass® system to be carried aboard all Navy vessels.

The company’s success with the U.S. Navy led to the creation of larger and more robust materials. This expansion of its product capabilities allowed for the exploration of opportunities within the natural gas and oil industries. NRI focused on further developing its original product to specifically address the pipe repair and reinforcement challenges within those unique industries.

With its focus on development, NRI experienced substantial success and growth, requiring a move to a new facility in 2009. Since that time, the company has tripled in size and revenues as the demand for its solutions continues to grow. To support this demand, NRI has introduced an average of one new product per year over the last four years, with each product focusing on the company’s participation in the evolution of leak repair and pipe reinforcement.


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