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Cone Mills

ProChem suppies a wide range of lumpbreaking, milling and size reduction equipment and systems for many applications. Typical uses are for product pre-breaking / de-agglomeration in dumping systems, or for the production of fine milled sugar, casein, lactose or similar materials. Numerous equipment types are available depending on each application, including

Cone Mills


The Prochem Cone Mill utilises the current industry standard over-driven conical mill design, featuring a belt-driven impeller, rotating inside a screen (60º inclusive screen angle). This principle achieves comminution by compression and shearing of the particles between the impeller and surface of the screen.

The Cone Mills are designed to be used with spacers, allowing customers to adjust and set the optimal gap between the screen and impeller for efficient milling . The Cone Mill can be supplied with a wide-range of tooling to achieve the required final particle size and throughput. Conical mills are able to achieve size reduction as low as 150 microns (80 mesh) with minimal heat generation and are suitable for both dry and wet milling applications.

Various mounting solutions are available and the conical mill can be customised with a selection of inlet and outlet configurations including hand-feed chute, valve assemblies, tri-clover connections, vacuum adaptors or any other bespoke design required for process integration.


The benefits of Prochem Cone Mills are

  • Less RPM / Less Noise -  Low speed design applies an inherently gentle action to the product
  • Less Energy / Less Heat -  Limited or no heat is generated, making Co-Mill the perfect choice for milling heat-sensitive products
  • 360 ° Product Discharge -  This maximizes throughput as entire screen surface is utilized within milling chamber
  • Low Dust -  Eliminates the need for dust collection/explosion retention devices; environmentally friendly
  • Uniform Particle Size -  Ability to achieve desired granularity
  • Spacerless Technology -  No spacers required for optimizing impeller/screen gap
  • Extremely Short Head Height - Fits tight space requirements
  • No Metal-to-Metal Contact as a result less wear on moving parts
  • Easy-Clean Design hence low maintenance
  • Scalability Accuracy and repeatability from R&D to full production


The Cone Mills come with multiple features which includes

  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Accurate PSD (Particle Size Distribution) controllability
  • Milling efficiencies ensure highest percentage of product on-spec (10% – 30% improvement over other conical milling technologies)
  • Predictable and repeatable scalability from R&D to production
  • Reduced heat generation at high throughput capacities
  • Efficient product processing for nearly 100% product recovery
  • Superior containment, with OEL levels under 1 µg/m3
  • Inline tri-clamp design for simplified process installation


Typical applications include:

  • Granulation of dry powders
  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation after high shear granulators in oral solid dosage tablet manufacturing
  • Size reducing and milling of wet or soaked products to produce liquid with wet suspended particulates
  • Powders into paste
  • Wet blending
  • Lump-free homogenous blending to precise size requirements
  • Reducing sticky agglomerates into uniform-size powders
  • Reclaiming products


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