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Conical Blender


conical blenderProChem’s range of Conical Blenders has a conical vessel along with double start helix ribbon mount on middle shaft. These blenders are extensively used for granulation, mixing and homogenizing applications. This type of blender controls all kinds of powder applications such as bulk dry materials to wet cakes and slurries, bulk dry materials to wet cakes and slurries. The revolving middle agitator shaft does not have bottom bearing support thereby removing any dead spots to clean.


Features of our Conical Blenders are

  • Positive displacement mixer for free flowing solids
  • Cantilevered shaft without product contact at bearings
  • Close clearances between agitator and vessel wall prevent product build-up
  • Standardized agitator drives ensures reliable operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Appropriate shaft seal system for every application ( not product-wetted)
  • GMP compliant design, high quality surface finishes, no dead spaces
  • CIP concepts and validated cleaning procedures
  • Chopper option to prevent the formation of lumps
  • Optional external jacket for heating/cooling
  • Optional data recording interface
  • Virtually complete emptying by means of conical bottom


  • Intensive mixing action
  • Minimum heat generation
  • Low shear mixing action, upward along the vessel wall and downward along the agitator shaft
  • Self emptying with minimum product retention
  • Fast mixing times with a high degree of mixing accuracy
  • Gentle action on the product through low power consumption but thorough mixing of free-flowing bulk materials in lesser time.
  • High degree of homogeneity

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