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lump breakerOur Lump breakers are designed to provide a simple, efficient means of reducing agglomerated materials, and are  both durable and economical. Lump breakers reduce natural agglomerations which can occur during storage or shipping or to reduce deliberately compacted materials. The equipment includes counter-rotating dual shafts, outboard bearings and a direct coupled drive. It is designed to reduce lumps to allow material to be effectively handled by downstream conveyors.

Our Lump Breaker is built to meet challenging operating requirements through its robust, functional structure without limiting its high variability.

The Prochem Lump Breaker is designed for continuous, heavy duty industrial operation. The spectrum of products to be processed with the lump breaker is broad.

  • Stand-alone pre-crushing in continuous or batch mode
  • Process-integrated pre-crushing
  • Product quality assurance
  • Process safety assurance


It operates by material entering through the opening in the top. Pieces of material too large to pass through the rotating shaft pins and the stationary combing bars are crushed as the shaft weldments rotate. The material continues to be crushed until it is small enough to pass through.

Lump breakers are a necessary component of most material handling systems and best used in an inline operation at the discharge point of raw material. To best accommodate this important material handling dynamic, its bee engineered to compactly fit under automatic unloading equipment, manual bag emptying stations, or at the discharge point of storage silos or containers.

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