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Dust Collection System


dust collectorProchem dust collector is designed to handle applications where high air volumes with heavy dust loading are the norm. The Dust Collection System are best used with our filter media with a clearly higher service lifetime and air-to-media ratio. The flow technology used for the Dust Collection Systems, provide efficiency and achieve clear energy savings. Easy access and maintenance is clearly an additional advantage. Prochem has years of expertise and know-how in providing successful dust control solutions.

Main features:

  • Compact, welded design increasing durability
  • Reliable, continuous-duty, pulse-jet operation utilising advanced valves providing more cleaning air
  • Efficient filter bags lasting longer and providing lower emissions
  • Tool-free installation of bag filters and cages
  • Clean-air side bag access and quick-release filter bag for easy maintenance


Technical Information

Prochem's Dust Collection System is engineered for reliable performance and service

The truly flexible and robust Prochem Dust Collection solution provides cost advantages and value over the life of the collector.

  • Computer designed inlets and deflector plates and optimised by extensive test work provides excellent pre-separation, coupled with maximized bag spacing, result in optimal airflow with minimal abrasion.
  • Advanced valves provide 50% more cleaning air, resulting in a more efficient operation.
  • When the bags need to be replaced, quick-release filter bag cages have been added to the collector to make replacing easier.


The Prochem Dust Collection system can be used with any filter media. In combination with our filter media though you can benefit from additional advantages. Traditionally, polyester bags are produced by a needling process that creates a variety of pore sizes, some are so large that dust can become embedded into the fabric, inhibiting cleaning and reducing bag life.

Prochem bags are engineered with a unique hydroentanglement process providing more uniform material with much smaller pores and the following advantages:

  • Better surface loading
  • Better cleaning
  • Twice to three times longer bag life
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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