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Mixing Technology

twin shaft mixerIn all application ranges for wet grinding and dispersion, the result of the entire process is dependent on the quality of the pre-treatment, i.e., mixing and pre-dispersion of the raw materials. Prochem can supply the suitable solution – from individual mixing units through to complete production plants. Mixing is a systematically controlled random process. The aim of any mixing process is to unite a number of raw materials with diverse properties to a single substance with consistent characteristics.

The level of liquid addition in a mixing process is the first step to determine the right industrial mixing equipment. Incorporating temperature or pressure control into a mixing system can also have a positive impact on your final product. Mixing technology can handle multiple wet and dry ingredient feed streams in a single unit to give you a homogeneous final product, and high shear mixers can provide better incorporation of liquids into powders. Reviewing your wet and dry ingredient ratios, as well as your temperature and pressure control in advance will provide the answers needed to select the best industrial process mixers for your application.

At Prochem we offer the right solution to meet your exacting demands in terms of productivity, quality and efficiency. Our product range includes the following products

Twin Shaft Mixer

The  twin shaft mixers comprises a series of paddle affixed to two shafts positioned in a double – drum – housing. The shaft mixers rotor in opposite direction at a specific peripheral speed. The paddles are angled and overlapped in the middle of the mixer. The paddles, mechanically fluidized the material by lifting it and creating a weight less condition in the centre of the twin mixers which creates a very efficient transport system thereby even very small / large amounts of liquids can be distributed evenly throughout the mixture.

The special accessory provision of Pin Mill System for delumping features are available in these twin mixers.

Single Shaft Mixer

The Single Rotor paddle Mixers guarantee the perfect mix, high throughput and economic operations. The Unique single paddle design divides the housing into zones each served by atleast two paddles. All particles are moving so there is a dynamic interaction between zones. Voids are created mechanically and particles are directed to randomly fill the voids. The speed of mixing is achieved by the high volume of voids created. Accuracy is achieved by limiting the size of the void so particles do not roll apart.

Optional Shearmaker provision with the motors assures for meeting the special process demand such as dispersion / colouring and de-lumping etc.


Food : Coffee / Tea Premix, Health Drinks, Dried Soups, Snack Foods, Cake Premix, Spices.
Animal Feeds : Feed Mix, Vitamin Trace Mineral Premix, Feed with Molasses, Pellet coated molasses, Milk replaces, Medicinal Feeds.
Chemical :
Crop Care/ Nutrition products, Detergents, Water Treatment Chemicals, Foundry Chemicals, Industrial chemicals, Leather/textile chemicals, oil drilling chemicals & Dye Stuffs.
Building Material : Construction Chemicals, Blended Cements, Coloured Masonary Cement, Thermosetting Lining Compound, Wall Plasters & wall Putty.
Refractory : Dry and wet castables, Refractory Mortar / Putties, Prefabricated Castable & Ramming Mass.

Liquid Mixer

The principle of the contra rotating mixing tools and the specially formed spirals enables homogeneous mixing of liquids and powders, Pastry mass, etc.

The innovative portable mixer weighing approximately 8 kg is ideally suitable to mix at the sites in small buckets vessels without splattering.


  • Lime - bonded, cement-bonded and plastic bonded / plastic reinforced mortar, Cement - bonded and plastic bonded floor finishes.
  • Paints, varnishes, pastes, adhesives
  • Sealing, insulating and coating compounds Liquid plastics
  • Refractory materials, Construction chemicals, floor screeding
  • All multi - component compounds requiring complete homogenization (e.g) food flavour, pickles, colour mixing, pesticide formulation, liquid detergents etc.
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