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Bag Dumping Station


bag dumping stationProchem builds bag dumping stations to suit all sizes of bags and sacks to suit most products. A wide range of styles and options are available to suit each application.

Bag dumping station with reverse-pulse jet filter automatically captures dust and returns it to your process. Our manual dumping stations allow for effective emptying of small volume bags of bulk solids or powder while mitigating loss of product through dusting.

Dust is naturally generated when material is emptied from bags, boxes, drums, and other containers, into the collection hopper. Our Bag Dumping Station with integral dust collection system reduces material waste and eliminates the need to continually clean or have a remote dust collection location. Effective dust collection protects against creating explosive environments and while reducing contamination and capturing all product for use in your process.

Our complete bag dumping station with integral dust collector will optimize your small batch material handling process. Centrifugal blower with reverse-pulse jet filter automatically captures dust and returns it to your process.

Features and Options

Prochem's Bag Dumping Stations are suited for variable sizes and applications. Its available with multiple features and variable options which includes the following

  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Hinged Access Door
  • Integral or Remote Dust Extraction
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Removable Safety Grille
  • Very High Efficiency
  • Automatic Bag Slitter
  • Integral Product Sifting
  • Integral Vibratory Screener
  • Vacuum Bag Lifters
  • Single or Twin Inlet Designs
  • Door Opening to suit Bag Size
  • Integral Lump breaker
  • Integral Bag Compactor or Shredder
  • Bag Infeed Conveyor and Stripping Table
  • Sanitary Demountable Options


To operate a bag dumping station, your operator will open the hopper lid. The gas cylinders will allow the heavy-duty door to be lifted with ease and firmly maintain an open position. While material is dumped through the hopper screen, the airborne particles are drawn into the dust collection filters. Selecting your bag dumping station with a reverse-pulse filter cleaning system further reduces material waste. The timer-activated solenoid valves release short blasts of compressed plant air inside the cartridge filter. This causes the dust build-up on the filter surface to fall into the hopper. The two filters are alternately blasted at timed intervals, providing an automated maintenance operation. The combination of bag dumping station with integral dust collection system helps to protect workers, mitigates plant contamination, and reduces material waste.

Custom features will meet all of your small batch material handling needs

  • Hood configuration for dust control - external collection or self-contained collection using a centrifugal blower.
  • Maximize station operation with an Integral bag compactor - Allows empty bags to be easily maintained and disposed
  • Capitalize on bulk material purchases - with automatic, alternating, reverse pulse-jet filter cleaning system.
  • Part of a comprehensive material handling system –our bag dumping station will integrate with conveyors, mixers and other equipment.
  • Integrated Controls - pre-wired controls complete with push button power and adjustable pulse control timer.

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