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Bins or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are made to specification in standard capacities ranging from 0.5-liters to 4000-liters in round, rectangular and square geometries. We also offer fully customized solutions for more demanding applications such as high containment systems.

The corners of our square IBCs,  are always made with a 2” radius to allow for the easy cleaning, insuring that cross contamination is not caused by the IBC.

Interior and exterior welds are ground smooth and flush to the sheeting surface. We can supplyinterior finishing to any specification. Our high quality and precise welding allows for a perfect appearance after grinding and polishing. We also offer a complete line of manways and ports. For pharmaceutical applications we generally use our lightweight stamped lid system which is not only easy to remove and clean, but also weighs very little. Clamping is made simple by a one-piece over-center clamping ring with safety-tamper lock. Manway rings come in several styles, including a super clean fully welded design fitted to the bin top. Manway lids are available in standard sizes with both sanitary and low-cost designs.

Bin frames are made from totally enclosed tubing and offered with round vertical legs or square tubing and white recessed plastic feet so floors are not damaged during handling.


001 bin with binlifter

Bin Lifters

Prochem Bin lifters are adapted to your bin types. Its modular construction provides for functional extensions by combining special installed components and process machines. One can develop an optimal, ergonomic system solution when using the bin lifters in combination with containers.

It is capable of handling all bin types

Technical description

  • Stainless steel - or cGMP-compliant designs
  • High flexibility, such as for containers of any dimension and design
  • High load range
  • Stationary or mobile design
  • Floor/ceiling-installed, free-standing or ceiling-positioned designs
  • Electro-hydraulical or electro-mechanical solutions
  • Wide range of control designs, from simple, direct manual lever controls up to PLC-controlled sequences
  • Integration of product controls, such as installation of dosing units
  • Pick up of containers, including discharge aid and valve actuators
  • Extensive take-up and clamp systems, container holding device, fork shaped spears, special designs depending upon the bins to be lifted, to name only a few examples
  • Functional extensions through integration of drum take-up systems, tipping and pivoting functions, controls for attached equipment, etc.
  • Extensive safety design for operators and procedures

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