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Big Bag Discharger


big bag dischargerProChem's Big Bag Dischargers provide dust-free loading, untying, retying and removal of Big bags. Prochem Big Bag Dischargers, also referred to as Bulk bag unloaders, FIBC unloaders and FIBC dischargers, are offered in numerous frame configurations, the two most popular of which are, dischargers with bag lifting frame for forklift loading and unloading of Big bags (FIBCs), and dischargers with cantilevered I-beam, electric hoist and trolley for loading and unloading of Big bags without the use of a forklift.

Other Big bag unloader configurations include split frames for forklift loading of bags in low headroom areas, half frames for suspending bags during discharge using a forklift, hoistable frames for lifting the entire Big bag discharger using an overhead crane, continuous loss-of-weight dischargers for uninterrupted feeding directly from Big bags, and other designs satisfying highly specialized requirements.

All  Big Bag Dischargers are offered with a broad range of innovative accessories, delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency, cleanliness and economy. A range of integral flow promotion devices is available, as are dedicated Big bag conditioners that loosen Big solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment, enabling Big bag unloaders to discharge the material through bag spouts.

These innovative advances overcome limitations of outdated designs. Just as Big bags changed the way Big material was stored and shipped over the last decade, so will these Big bag dischargers revolutionize the way you load, untie, retie, remove and collapse Big bags in the future. No longer must  operators reach through cramped access doors and awkward glove boxes, struggle to retie partially empty bags, clean up spillage after disconnections, dislodge products from dead spots or flatten bags manually Performance never before possible

Prochem's latest generation of Big bag dischargers do away with the limitations of outdated designs while dramatically improving convenience, safety and cleanliness. At the core of the new design is a bag spout interface that not only creates a dust-tight seal, but promotes material flow and total evacuation. It also allows easy retying of partially empty bags, and can collapse empty bags—free of spillage and dust.


The standard model of the station has been designed to ergonomically unload big bag and facilitate its handling. The structure is easily adjustable to accommodate different sizes of big bags.

Equipment integrated on standard versions  :

  • Structure supported frame with tracking railway: allows the setting up of the big bags via the electric hoist by all operators in a secure manner
  • Adjustable height of the structure to fit different heights of super sacks
  • Handling cross 5 points: to set the inner liner of the big bags
  • Handling cross locator to securise the setting up of the big bag
  • Handling sheaths allowing gripping by forklift
  • Main tray: maintains the big bag when emptying and secures handling operations
  • Rubber seal on main tray: to optimize containment by capping the bottom of the big bag
  • Vibrating motor: to ensure the vibration of the main tray to help the extraction of the powder
  • Unlacing cabinet with dust-proof door: to provide a secure and ergonomic access to the spout of the super sack
  • Anti-overflow tube: channels the flow of product into the unlacing box and facilitates the handling of the operator
  • Protection screen: ensures feeding of powder without foreign body (mesh size 50 x 50)

The manufacturing of the units is possible in mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel 304L or 316L. The parts in contact with the product and the structure can be manufactured with different materials.


Big Bag Discharges are available in Various materials of construction. Some of the options available includes

  • Handling Cross with tension system
  • Security baffle
  • Glove box
  • Dust proof telescopic tube
  • Combined big bag and sack unloading unit
  • Electric hoist
  • Dedusting ring
  • "V" shaped spike to burst the big bag
  • "U" shaped spike to burst the big bag
  • FIBC massage system
  • Control Valve
  • Commercial dosing & weighing
  • Lump breaker
  • Compactors


The advantages of our system includes

  • Long-lasting robust frame designed for your specific bag size and application.
  • Fit tight spaces with a custom-designed frame when you need to work around or straddle another piece of equipment or obstruction, or have restricted headroom.
  • Manually dump smaller bags/minor ingredients with our integral bag dump station.
  • Pneumatic Bag Agitation
  • Pneumatic side puncher bag agitation
  • Pinch valve for retying bags
  • Unite boxes designed for your particular application
  • Integral dust handling
  • Manual Iris Valves
  • High hygiene models

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