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Chemical Industry have the most stringent safety regulations. The handling of "difficult" chemical products needs to meet strict safety regulations. The hazards and risks are numerous like accident, environmental pollution, chemical burns, intoxication, fire and explosion. The wide variety of products used in this sector therefore requires adequate treatment according to the nature of the product (solid, liquid, flammable, oxidizing, toxic). Through years of experience with various customers in this business sector, our engineers have developed a solid understanding on the processes and are able to propose differentiated solutions to answer your specific needs and simultaneously complying with the stringent safety laws..

Our clients sectors include:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Plastics
  • Paint
  • Pigments and dyes
  • Cement Industry
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Paper production
  • Textile manufacturing

Our team of engineers and technicians are fully trained in the integration of various technologies for these substances. Prochem offers turnkey assemblies for loading raw materials into a process that involves the transformation of petroleum derivatives that includes plastics, synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon, rubber, etc. Our equipment covers the different steps for the logistics of these raw materials -  from storage to pneumatic transfer through metering and automation.

Prochem adopts two approaches while offering solutions in the Chemical Sector

  1. ENGINEERING - AUDIT SYSTEMS : Prochem establishes a detailed schedule on MS Project for each project.The schedules are updated on a regular basis in order to meet contractual delivery dates.  A detailed study of the project is conducted including feasability studey, transfer of technologyetc.Our Engineers visit your site to optimize your process line and offer solutions to improve productivity, increase capacity, revamping and compliance.
  2. Turnkey Systems Prochem offers "turnkey" solutions to manufacturers who want to keep the control of investment and operation of their production facility. Prochem coordinates all services to handle your whole project from pre-study to operations, through the stages of manufacture, inspection, implementation. Management of external resources is also supplied by Prochem project team.  Starting from the Design to the implementation and after sales services Prochem handhold's your company to see the project to its fruitful completion.
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